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Wrapping up the week in HD

In case you missed any HD news last week, here’s a wrap up of the more significant stories we came across. Of most significance, FOX finally made some deals with Dish Network and Cablevision to get their channels back on the air, although not without controversy.

Verizon’s got a 500GB DVR
According to posts at DSLReports Verizon has a 500GB HD DVR and has installed it in select locations. Here’s hoping Verizon offers the larger hard drive to all FiOS TV customers without charging an arm and a leg to install or rent it. Via Engadget. Read More

Friday Night Lights Season 5 premieres
Season 5 of the beloved show Friday Night Lights premiered last week. In the episode, it’s the end of August and the beginning of another football season. The first game pits the Lions against the Cowboys. Read More

VUDU will soon stream in HD on Boxee
In November VUDU movies will stream in HD on Boxee Box. Box owners will be able to get VUDU full HD and HDX-coded movies offering 1080p and Dolby Digital 5.1 — free Boxee software users get the whole library in standard-def. Read More

Alice in Wonderland classic headed for Blu-ray Disc
The classic Disney animated film from 1951 originally presented in Technicolor with Mono audio has been digitally restored to high-definition and will release on Feb. 1, 2011 on a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. Read More

FOX and Dish finally make a deal
Shame on both parties for depriving hard working (and hard paying) Americans of the MLB World Series, football, hockey, local sports and TV networks such as FX and National Geographic Channel. They should offer refunds and put the missed content on demand. At least the dispute didn’t go on for more than a month. Read More

Cablevision pays “unfair price” for FOX programming
After 16 days of a blackout Cablevision customers now have FOX programming back online however Cablevision says they were forced to pay an “unfair price” for FOX programming their customers don’t even want. Cablevision says their customers may have to pay more now for programming. The company also announced last week they would reimburse customers who want to watch the World Series on MLB.com. Read More

Alien Anthology releases on Blu-ray
Amazon discounts with The Last of the Mohicans
The long awaited Alien Anthology released this week, along with The Last of the Mohicans Director’s Definitive Cut. Amazon is currently offering a discount of $20 if both items are purchased together, on top of the already reduced titles. Both Blu-rays together will cost you $86.98. (Look for the Best Value promo.) View Offer Details

Happy Halloween!

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