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On Blu-ray this week: 10, Ray, Alice In Wonderland

What's on Blu-ray Disc this week? Titles from all different genres and decades, that's what. Check it out some of our picks: Alice In...

User Poll: Avatar wins Best Blu-ray Disc of 2010

In our annual user poll of the Best Blu-ray Disc Movie of the Year it comes as no surprise thatĀ Avatar (3-Disc Extended Edition) received...

What is the best Blu-ray movie of 2010?

Here's our annual polling of the best Blu-ray Disc movie of the year. 2010 was a great year for Blu-ray most weeks, and this...

On Blu-ray this week, Inception, Shrek, Beyonce World Tour

Today marks the first set of Blu-ray Discs to be released in the month of December 2010, and there are quite a few titles...

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland headed for 3D Blu-ray

Disney Studios' Alice in Wonderland will be released on Tuesday, Dec. 7 on Blu-ray 3D as a 4-Disc Combo Pack that includes a Blu-ray...

Wrapping up the week in HD

In case you missed any HD news last week, here's a wrap up of the more significant stories we came across. Of most significance,...

Top selling Blu-ray Discs

The top selling Blu-ray Disc as of June 13, 2010 is Alice in Wonderland (Disney), followed by Shutter Island (Paramount) and From Paris With...

Blu-ray Picks of the Week for June 1st

So, Disney decided to remake a classic... and sure it's their own property (essentially), but did we really need a CGIcandy-colored update of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of a girl on a wild trip through the looking glass? And is it any better than the their own animated film from 1951?

Alice in Wonderland 2D on Blu-ray gets street date

Tim Burton's stylish interpretation of Alice In Wonderland will hit the streets June 1. However, like Avatar, the movie won't be released to home...

To 3D, Or Not 3D… That Is The Question

CES 2010 went back to the future, much like the movie business these days. A gimmick from the 1950s has become the great...