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Berserk The Complete 1997 TV Series Compiles All 25 Episodes In High Definition On Blu-ray Disc

Berserk Complete 1997 TV Series Blu-ray
Berserk The Complete 1997 TV Series Blu-ray Buy on Amazon

The Japanese anime series Berserk (known in Japan as Kenpū Denki Berserk) that aired on Nippon TV from 1997 to 1998 is being released on Blu-ray Disc. The 2-disc edition from Discotek Media arrives on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

All 25 episodes directed by Naohito Takahashi and written by Yasuhiro Imagawa are included in this edition and presented in High Definition (1080p) on Region A Blu-ray Discs. The audio soundtrack includes both the original Japanese language as well as English dubs. Subtitles are provided in English.

Berserk Complete 1997 TV Series on Blu-ray has a list price of $59.95. Buy on Amazon

Synopsis: There are very few brave or even foolish enough to stand against the demons who rule the realm with an iron fist. One such soul is the Black Swordsman―Guts. Hunted by ghosts and wielding a weapon much too big to be called a sword, the imposing mountain of a man is feared by demons far and wide. After an encounter with a cursed relic from his past, Guts looks back to his demon-free days fighting alongside the ranks of the Band of the Hawk and their charismatic leader―Griffith. OLM (Pokémon, Odd Taxi) and Director Naohito Takahashi (Steel Angel Kurumi, To Heart) forge fierce friendships, passionate romance, and heartbreaking betrayals in this brutal tale of sword and sorcery.

Description: This complete collection of the dark fantasy classic includes all 25 episodes presented in high definition with the original Japanese language and English subtitles alongside the original English dub!

Berserk was produced by Nippon Television and VAP and animated by Oriental Light and Magic under Director Naohito Takahashi. The series was broadcast for 25 episodes on Nippon TV from October 1997 to April 1998, and was formerly licensed for English release in North America by Media Blasters. The series has since been distributed by Discotek Media.

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