HBO’s Digital Copy Website Having Load Issues

hbo-digital-hd-screenshotWe’ve been trying for a couple of days now to access — HBO’s website where you can begin the process of redeeming codes for digital movies and TV shows. But the website load keeps timing out with the error below. We’ve attempted to access the URL from three different states across the US for two days now and had success only once.


The website problem comes at a time when many Game of Thrones fans are likely trying to redeem digital codes for Season 8 of the TV series that just released this week. Or, attempting to redeem codes included with the entire series boxed sets that also arrived last Tuesday.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray includes a small insert with instructions on how to redeem digital copies. Step 1 directs purchasers to and is the only option indicated on the insert. Once a code is entered in the Redeem section of the website (without having to be logged in to an account) users are directed to choose a digital retailer to redeem with.

However, it is quite possible to bypass HBO’s website entirely and go straight to a digital retailer like iTunes or Vudu. Putting this theory to the test, we were able to redeem directly on Vudu without the HBO link in between.

It’s also interesting that HBO still hasn’t made the domain secure which would require purchasing an SSL certificate. A secured URL would change from “http” to “https” and a small lock icon would appear in a browser tab. An unsecured URL, however, warns users the website is “Not Secure.” Some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts say an unsecured domain can negatively affect search rankings.

Although an SSL certificate is a must-have for websites that sell products or store user information, doesn’t actually do anything except pass on a redemption code to a 3rd party service. Even the Purchase option on the website simply directs to digital retailers like Amazon and Apple.

Are you also having trouble accessing to redeem your digital codes? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Trying to redeem game of thrones season 1-7 with no luck. Getting frustrated cause it acted like it took the code to redeem but nothing!

  2. i RECENTLY bought “Chernobyl” and watched it. Then tried to enter it in the several times, but was unable to do so.One of the reason I purchased the HBO special series is to be able to have a digital copy to watch with my family when possible. When I entered the code it said the was a problem. It said the code had been used and there was a problem. This makes no sense. If it has been used, why is there a problem, but I know for a fact I did not enter the code in VUDU. PLEASE HELP ME! I just bought it a week ago.
    The code is as follows:

  3. Hey everyone. Here are some things to try. Use the code with another digital redemption service like iTunes or Vudu. Sometimes even after redeeming a code once it will work on multiple platforms. If you still can’t get it to work work I would try clicking on the support button at the bottom of and fill out the form. The other option is to call them. Be sure to hold onto your receipt and digital code insert.

  4. I couldn’t redeem either. Tried on my tablet and my PC. I am pretty PO’d about this and wonder if it is even worth messing with.


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