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Netflix finally releases Daredevil Season 3 Official Trailer

We’ve been giving Daredevil enough hype here so hopefully it lives up to everyone’s expectations when Season 3 premieres on Friday, Oct. 19th. In the long-awaited trailer released just hours ago we finally get to see more than a blood covered Matt Murdoch and closeups of Wilson Fisk that made up most of the teasers. And, the full-length trailer seems to set the main plot for the next season in which [trailer spoiler coming] Daredevil gets framed for a spree of violence in the city after his archenemy Wilson Fisk is freed from prison.

But there’s another enemy of DD appearing at the end of the trailer who also calls himself Daredevil. There’s been a rumor that Bullseye (one of Daredevil’s many enemies from the comic book series) would be part of the third season, and Marvel Studios gives us a slight clue that it could be him by the way he throws a nunchuck at the real Daredevil (Bulleye’s greatest talent is throwing weapons with accuracy). But why is he dressed like DD? We’ll soon find out in the

Netflix revealed they would launch a third season of the show after a two-year break when they released an earnings report last August. The new 13-episode Daredevil season follows last month’s 10-episode premiere of Marvel’s Iron Fist: Season 2  starring Finn Jones.

All four Marvel series on Netflix will have launched new seasons this year when Daredevil S3 premieres. Season 2 of Jessica Jones hit back in March, and the second season of Luke Cage started streaming late June.

DaredevilIron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage also unite in The Defenders series in which they fight a common enemy known as The Hand, which premiered in Aug. 2017.

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