Even Cheaper Netflix Streaming Plan Costs $6.99 Per Month

Want to save a whole buck a month on an even cheaper Netflix streaming plan? Netflix appears to be a testing a $6.99 per month video plan that’ll only let you stream on one device at a time. An additional caveat, if you will, is that the option will only deliver standard definition video. Are you, like us, picturing a large question mark as to why Netflix would bother with a plan that’s just a buck less? For $7.99, Netflix lets you stream to two devices at the same time, and in high definition. It may still be the best deal in town. And, a more expensive $11.99 plan allows up to four devices streaming from the same account at a time. You can check out the sign-up options yourself on Netflix.com if you’re a new customer or simply sign out of your Netflix account. The $6.99 streaming service may not show up for everyone though, as reports from other media sources indicate not all potential new customers will see the cheaper option upon sign up. The new monthly charge may or may not fly for new customers. If it does, it may or may not eventually be offered to existing customers. Hope you’re enjoying all these¬†uncertainties as much as we are.


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