Universal offers $8 savings on Oblivion & Riddick Collection in-store purchase


If you haven’t already picked up Oblivion on Blu-ray Disc you make take notice of a little coupon attached to the front of the packaging. Universal Studios is offering $8 savings in-store when you purchase Oblivion and the re-released Riddick Collection on Blu-ray Disc. While not every store carries the Oblivion or Riddick Collection packaging with the at-register savings coupon, it’s certainly worth checking out if you’ve been thinking about buying Oblivion (and haven’t gotten around to buying the Riddick Collection in the 2-1/2 years it’s been available).

Oblivion is available in several Blu-ray variations depending on which store you’re in. One limited edition at Target is packaged with a 3D image and collectible concept illustration booklet.

Best Buy’s exclusive Oblivion release includes an additional 30-minutes of extra behind-the-scenes footage from the film.

And, Walmart also has their own exclusive Oblivion Blu-ray edition with special metallic packaging.

Bu why cross-promote and re-release the 3-disc Riddick Collection anyway? Universal is hoping to generate some hype for the upcoming film Riddick that hits theaters on Sept. 6. You can check out a trailer here. In the film, Vin Diesel returns as Riddick and Karlu Urgan as the Necromonger commander Vaako. But you probably already know that.

The $8 coupon offer is only valid on select Blu-rays purchased until October 31, 2013.



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