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Netflix officially launches ‘Just For Kids’ on iPad

For parents, Netflix on Apple’s iPad might be the greatest thing since Saturday morning cartoons. Not only is the mini “TV” portable, it contains endless amounts of programming that’s commercial-free. Well, now parents can feel a bit of relief knowing the kid-safe library interface “Just for Kids” is now available for iPad . Although I remember switching from the “Just for Kids” library as early as last week, today’s announcement confirms the interface is now available for streaming Netflix “on the road.” The kid-friendly streaming library (determined by research from Common Sense Media) is geared towards children 12 and under, listing titles such as Avatar, iCarly, Kickin’ It, and Zack & Cody. Netflix’s “Just for Kids” is currently available on PCs and Macs, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Apple TV, and supporting TVs, Blu-ray players and media players.

Jeff Chabot
Jeff has a background in photography, video and television production. He writes about technology, broadcasting, home theater, and digital entertainment.


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