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NFL opening weekend schedule

It’s opening weekend of the NFL regular season! The season opener actually started freakishly on a Wednesday night this year due to a scheduling conflict with Pres. Obama’s acceptance at the Democratic convention, (although former Pres. Bill Clinton’s speech conflicted with the Weds. night game anyway), but this Sunday will be a traditional football schmorgesborg with 13 games scheduled. CBS and FOX are carrying most of the games, with NBC broadcasting the Sunday night’s Pittsburgh vs. Denver. Then, on Monday night there’s a double header hosted by ESPN. Check out the schedule below and be sure to tune into the HD versions of the networks you’re watching.

WED, SEP 5 Network
Dallas 24, NY Giants 17 NBC
Indianapolis at Chicago 1:00 PM CBS
Philadelphia at Cleveland 1:00 PM FOX
New England at Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS
Atlanta at Kansas City 1:00 PM FOX
Jacksonville at Minnesota 1:00 PM CBS
Washington at New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX
Buffalo at NY Jets 1:00 PM CBS
St. Louis at Detroit 1:00 PM FOX
Miami at Houston 1:00 PM CBS
San Francisco at Green Bay 4:25 PM FOX
Seattle at Arizona 4:25 PM FOX
Carolina at Tampa Bay 4:25 PM FOX
Pittsburgh at Denver 8:20 PM NBC
Cincinnati at Baltimore 7:00 PM  ESPN
San Diego at Oakland 10:15 PM  ESPN


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