DIRECTV channel blackouts affects 4 FOX locals

Because of a carriage dispute between DIRECTV and Northwest Broadcasting, four FOX stations have been blacked out indefinitely. Those local affiliates include stations in Medford, OR, Binghamton, NY, and the cities of Spokane and Yakima, WA. According to DIRECTV, Northwest has taken down the channels (for the second time in 20 months) “to try and extort a 300% increase in fees.” DIRECTV goes on to say, “We’ve always been willing to compensate Northwest fairly, but it’s wrong for them to expect DIRECTV customers to pay more for these channels than their neighbor across the street.” Watch out. Blackouts like this could happen in your neighborhood. See below for list of the local stations.

DIRECTV local FOX blackouts, Aug. 2012

Spokane, Washington – KAYU-TV
Yakima, Washington — KFFX-TV
Binghamton, NY — WICZ-TV
Medford, Oregon — KMVU-TV


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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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