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Time Warner weighs in on channel blackouts

Earlier this morning Time Warner Cable weighed in on the recent channel blackouts affecting satellite companies Dish Network and DIRECTV. In the statement, Time Warner says, “we deplore that programmers have once again pulled the plug on television viewers.” Dish lost AMC channels due to higher fees demanded by the network. DIRECTV recently lost 17 Viacom channels in a dispute over fees. Time Warner, the second largest cable provider in the U.S., also declared that “television networks can’t continue to demand huge price increases and expect us to silently pass those cost increases on to our customers.”

Via Time Warner News Release


  1. What Dish and Direct TV and the others who are blacking-out tv channels are doing is nothing more than extortion. What can we, the viewers do about it? It appears to be … nothing! The FCC needs to do something about the outrageous greed of the networks. What is their reasoning behind their actions if not greed. To me, this verges on criminal activity!!



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