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Netflix on Wii goes kid-friendly

Netflix has announced their “Just for Kids” instant watch section is now available on the Wii system. The Wii interface addition may ease some parent’s fears that their kids might accidentally start streaming a rated “R” or questionable “Unrated” film from the Netflix library. You can also set Parental Controls in your Account Settings to block mature movies, but there is no way to unlock a title above the allowed rating once you set it.

The titles included in the “Just for Kids” library come from Common Sense Media ratings, determined safe for kids under 12 to watch. Of course, parents should always be aware of what their kids are watching regardless of the kid-friendly interface. The only way to really limit your Netflix account to certain ratings is to create a separate account.

Netflix says at least half of their 20 million users have watched at least two kid-friendly movies within the last two months.

Source: Netflix


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