‘Call of Duty Elite’ beta launches for PS3 members

Activision has launched the Call of Duty Elite beta for PlayStation 3 members. The service enhances multiplayer modes allowing you to connect with players at your level and with your interests. You can create Private Clans, join Public Groups, and view new challenges in the Daily Program Guide. The ‘Elite’ service also helps you improve your game with expert coaching and custom stats analysis. Registration for Call of Duty Elite is free and currently open to registration. One year subscriptions to the “Founder” membership status, which includes MW3 downloadable game content including all MW3 maps, is $49.99 per year. The service will officially launch on November 8, 2011 when ‘Modern Warfare 3’ is released.

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One Reply to “‘Call of Duty Elite’ beta launches for PS3 members”

  1. Alexander says:

    WOW! Interesting news! News long expected!!!

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