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Uncharted 2 download interrupted

The PlayStation Network went down for a bit yesterday in several parts of the world including the U.S., interrupting downloads of the new ‘Uncharted 2’ demo. Apparently, the downtime was planned as Sony attempts to bring back the entire worldwide network. Sony said only “some” users were affected yesterday — with some getting logged off randomly and others having trouble signing in. However, after logging in again this morning the ‘Uncharted 2’ download continued, at least on my system.

At the same time, the Associated Press reports another hacker attack has been made on the PlayStation system, comprising users’ passwords, phone numbers, and other personal information. The group, known as LulzSec, claimed “Every bit of data we took wasn’t encrypted. Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plaintext, which means it’s just a matter of taking it.”

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