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PlayStation users get ‘Boardwalk Empire’ S5 Episode 1 no charge

Starting Tuesday, September 9, PlayStation users will be able to watch the first episode of the final season of HBO's original show "Boardwalk Empire"...

Sony to develop original TV shows for PlayStation Network

Sony has announced plans to launch new original TV shows to distribute exclusively through the PlayStation console, in an attempt to expand beyond gaming...

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning first DLC announced

Electronic Arts has announced the first DLC for 38 Studios' Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The downloadable content is titled The Legend of Dead Kel and will hit servers on March 20, 2012.

Mass Effect 3 Demo launches on PSN, multiplayer available for PS3

Late yesterday the Mass Effect 3 demo launched on PlayStation Network, allowing PSN members to download the single-player demo.

‘Syndicate’ demo drops on PSN and Xbox Live

An ol' school classic comes to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as Syndicate is dropped onto download servers in the form of a demo....

Sony sweetens PS Vita pot with bundled goodies

The US debut of the PlayStation Vita is just a couple of weeks away, and with so-so sales so far in Japan, Sony is sweetening the pot for early adopters with some newly-announced bundle deals. Customers who pre-ordered the 3G version at $350 will get a free PlayStation Network game and 250MB of data from AT&T, along with the previously promised limited edition case, 4GB memory card and copy of Little Deviants.

EA Sports’ NFL Blitz now in HD

EA Sports' NFL Blitz in HD is now available to purchase and download on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. The high-definition version of the game costs 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 at the PlayStation Store.

PS3 Update v4 manages PS Vita content

Sony will release a software update for PlayStation3 (v4.00) that makes the console a content manager, allowing the copying and backup of files from PS3 Vita to the PS3 hard-drive, as well as updating the PS Vita system software via the console's network connection.

‘Rage’ Demo now on Xbox Live, PS3 coming soon

If you're looking for a new game to check out id Software's Rage demo is now available on Xbox Live. With plenty of blood, violence and gore Rage takes you into a post-apocalyptic world called the Wasteland. For gamers who get excited about detailed environments, Rage is loaded with texture. According to id Software President Todd Hollenshead, the extensive details in the game are possible because textures are streamed in to avoid being constrained by system memory. If you haven't seen Rage yet here's your chance to get a look. And, those of you with PS3 consoles should be able to download the Rage demo from the PlayStation Network on December 6. Rage carries an MSRP of $59.99 but this Black Friday weekend you'll be able to find it from various retailers for $29.99. Rage is published by Bethesda Softworks and was released for Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows PCs on October 4, 2011.

Sony reveals attempted hacks on networks

Sony's Chief Information Security Officer has revealed there have been multiple attempts to access the company's network database, and that possibly 0.1% of Sony accounts may have been affected. The CISO also suggested that data from other companies including paired user IDs and passwords were used in mass to attempt to access Sony's Networks.

Free Uncharted 3 multiplayer demo coming to PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus members will get access to a free beta download of "UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer" on June 28th. The game features redesigned...

Uncharted 2 download interrupted

The PlayStation Network went down for a bit yesterday in several parts of the world including the U.S., interrupting my download of the new Uncharted 2 demo. Apparently, the downtime was planned as Sony attempts to bring back the entire worldwide network. Sony said only "some" users were affected yesterday -- with some getting logged off randomly and others having trouble signing in. However, after logging in again this morning the 'Uncharted 2' download continued.

Sony to offer free games as ‘Thank You’ to PSN subs

Sony will offer PlayStation Network subscribers free games as a "thank you" for sticking with them during the long network outage. As soon as all PlayStation Network and Qriocity services are fully restored, Sony will let subscribers download two PS3 or PSP games from a select list for up to 30 days. Now isn't that nice?

PlayStation Network Update: IT’S FIXED!

Sony is smartly phasing in the PSN relaunch from state-to-state in the US. To gain access to the PSN and other services, you'll have to download and install a firmware update, and re-register with Sony.

Sony PSN: When?

As of today, there's still no real word from Sony that the PlayStation Network will be back up any time this week or next. They've already missed one supposed re-launch date.

PS Network Update: Sony To Offer ID-Theft Insurance

Howard Stringer, CEO/President and Chairman, announced today that the Japanese company will back their users with $1 million ID theft insurance policy via an email that Sony will be sending to account holders.

PlayStation Network Back Up… Soon

While the news this week has mostly been concerned with wishing Osama bin Laden bon voyage on his trip to Davy Jones Locker, the other biggish news is that of Sony and their seriously f'd up PlayStation Network issues stemming from a hack with criminal intent back in mid-April. Expect the PlayStation Network to be back up any day now... including access for all services. This will require you to complete a new set of security login/user queries prior to full access.

PS Network Update: Security Experts Say, Don’t Panic

Whew!! Dodged a bullet on that one, though Sony's reputation may not be the only thing in a quandary... They may have legal issues that stem from this incident, including on the amount of time they took to inform account holders that their information was at risk due to the hack.

Proverbial Poop Hits Fan for Sony PlayStation Network

If you're one of 77 million PS account holders with stored credit card info and other personal information on the Network, you've got a good chance at having your info stolen in what amounts to a Lufthansa-style data theft.

PlayStation Network Outage Causes Huge Problem for Sony

If you are not a PlayStation user you can probably skip this article and smirk to yourself as you play Black Ops on your XBox or Wii. If you have a PS3 or any model that access the PS Network, you're outta luck for multiplayer games or any games that must access the network.

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