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Sony launches ‘Welcome Back’ program with freebies

The PlayStation Network servers will be humming tonight as Sony launches its “Welcome Back” program for PlayStation Network users. Probably the best part about the appreciation program is the offer to download free games. As a thank you, Sony is offering two free PS3 games and two PSP games to keep. You can download the games for the next 30 days on up to five activated systems with your PlayStation Network account. (See list of titles below.)

Sony is also offering free “On Us” movie rentals. Although the selection so far is pretty weak: Ghostbusters, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Bad Boys, we’re hoping they will surprise us with a few blocbuster titles in the next queue. Those movies are available in the U.S. only throughout the weekend.

You also get a free 30-day membership to PlayStation Plus, which has plenty of its own benefits. Hop on the PlayStation Network now and see if you can blow up their servers!

The “Welcome Back” program also extends Music Unlimited subscriptions and offers 100 virtual items for free. (Why they aren’t free in the first place is another matter.)

Two Free PS3 Games
• Dead Nation
• LittleBigPlanet
• Super Stardust HD
• WipEout® HD Bundle

Two Free PSP Games
• Killzone: Liberation
• ModNation Racers
• LittleBigPlanet
• Pursuit Force

Source: PlayStation.com

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