Mavs vs. Heat NBA finals schedule

The Miami Heat made an incredible run in the last few minutes tonight to take the Eastern Conference Finals. The Heat will now face the Dallas Mavericks in a championship rematch that went the Heat’s way in ’06. Does Nowitzki want revenge? No doubt. But is Lebron James just as hungry for his first NBA title? Absolutely. This year’s NBA Finals is promising to be as exciting as it has ever been.

2011 NBA Finals schedule on ABC:

05/31 Mavericks vs. Heat – 09:00pm (ET)
06/02 Mavericks vs. Heat – 09:00pm (ET)
06/05 Heat vs. Mavericks – 08:00pm (ET)
06/07 Heat vs. Mavericks – 09:00pm (ET)
06/09 Heat vs. Mavericks – 09:00pm (ET)*
06/12 Mavericks vs. Heat – 08:00pm (ET)*
06/14 Heat vs. Mavericks – 09:00pm (ET)*

* if necessary

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  1. This is gonna be an exciting game. Both teams are confident and strong. I can’t wait to see the final games of this season.

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