DirecTV field-testing new RVU Media Center

DirecTV is field-testing its new RVU-enabled server which would create a “receiver-less” and streamlined environment for customers. For the provider (DirecTV in this case), new features and applications could be more easily distributed to customers via one server in a home. (That means only one update.) For the customer, the goal would be for them to experience the same interface and features on every TV in their home.

The HR34 “RVU-enabled server” will be the backbone of DirecTV’s new “Home Media Center,” using UPnP and DLNA technology to allow various devices to communicate such as set-top boxes, TVs, and Blu-ray players. DirecTV’s Romulo Pontual says the new Home Media Center will be “a consistent, feature rich user interface, no matter what room [customers] are in.”

DirecTV says they plan on rolling out the new Home Media Center to customers nationwide in October, 2011.

From the Press Release: The HR34 will be compatible with RVU certified clients, including DIRECTV’s C30 Home Media Clients and RVU compatible televisions. RVU certification for these products is expected to be finalized this June.


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