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Dish Network offering ICC Cricket World Cup via IPTV

Dish Network’s IPTV service “DISHWorld” is currently offering ICC Cricket World Cup matches broadcast by Caliornia-based Willow TV. The matches can be watched live by subscribing to one of Dish’s international packages such as the top tiered “Hindi Mega Pack” or base level “Hindi Two Pack.” Dish’s “Sports Pack” service (that costs $19.99 per month) is also offering the Cricket World Cup as well as live Cricket matches 24-hours a day broadcast from Australia, South Africa, England and New Zealand.

Dish Network’s international IPTV service is a standalone product that doesn’t require you to subscribe to their satellite services. However, you’ll need a Dish-provided set-top box connected to your internet router. In this way, the IPTV service is not an internet product but rather a TV product (although the set-top box does need to plug into your internet service to work).

The service isn’t offered in high definition quality, but the low bandwidth requirement (1Mbps) will allow almost anyone with internet service (better than dialup) get the broadcasts. If you have higher bandwidth, the stream from DISHWorld will automatically adjust to give you higher quality.

DISHWorld content can also be “slung” to your Slingbox. That means whatever content is available from the IPTV service will be converted to VC-1 format via the Slingbox and made available to you remotely on whatever Sling-enabled device you might have.

Dish Network (the satellite company) programs 29 language groups and over 200 international channels (not including Spanish language). Right now, the DISHWorld IPTV service offers content in Arabic, Hindi and Urdu languages. The service features 28 channels from the Middle-East, 16 channels from India, and two of the most popular channels in Pakistan.

The ICC World Cup 2011 cricket tournament started on Feb. 19 with 14 countries contributing to matches in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. The final match will happen on April 2, 2011 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, India.

DISHWorld is offered in the US only. The set-top box is free with a 1-year agreement or $99 without.

Jeff Chabot
Jeff Chabot
Jeff has a background in photography, video and television production. He writes about technology, broadcasting, home theater, and digital entertainment.


  1. Not sure, whether you can compare any business to these folks. Highly unprofessional, hardly understand what they say, do not explain the terms and conditions properly.

    Cannot believe they think they can provide IPTV service!!!!

  2. Do not subscribe for this pathetic service. It is horrible. Pathetic service, pathetic customer service, pathetic …

  3. I have subscribed to this service last month. I must say the service is crap. customer service and technical support in non existent. There is a lot of pixellation in the video quality. Lag in changing the channels and the program guide gives no useful info at all e.g if you see the program list for starplus it shows 8.00pm Star Plus Program 8.30pm Star plus program and so on it does not give you the name of the program. So be warned. I called the customer service to ask for the return address for the equipment but i got a rude reply. I am calling and credit card company and reporting a fraud.


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