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Great movies in HD this week

Alien © 2003 Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights ReservedHere’s a list of some of the best movies in HD scheduled for the week. Some highlights this week include American Graffiti (if you are a George Lucas fan and have never seen this in high-def don’t miss it), Tora! Tora! Tora! (a classic war movie from 1970 about the attack on Pearl Harbor), and Alien (which is also releasing as part of a Blu-ray box set this month). You’ll notice our highlights are all classics — and boy do they look great in widescreen HD.

Be sure to check your program guide to verify dates and times. Please note the list includes premium networks which may not be available in your service package. Here’s the list for the week of Oct. 3, 2010. Broadcast in HD or don’t broadcast at all!

Alien (HD)
AMC Fri. 1:30 am

Aliens (HD)
AMC Fri. 8:00 pm

American Graffiti (HD)
CINEMAX Wed. 7:00 am

Any Given Sunday (HD)
HBO Sat. 1:50 am

Big (HD)
AMC Mon. 12:30 pm, Tue. 9:00 am

Black Hawk Down (HD)
ENCORE Mon. 2:35 pm, 9:50 pm

The Blind Side (HD)
HBO Sun. 6:45 pm, Mon. 1:30 pm, 10:30 pm

Bolt (HD)
STARZ Wed. 7:30 am, 4:05 pm

Clear and Present Danger (HD)
HBO Fri. 12 pm

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (HD)
AMC Wed. 2:30 am, Thu. 12 pm

Donnie Brasco (HD)
ENCORE Sat. 12 pm

Doubt (HD)
STARZ Fri. 8:35 am, 5:35 pm

The Eiger Sanction (HD)
CINEMAX Fri. 4:20 am

Gangs of New York (HD)
USA Wed. 2 pm

Goldfinger (HD)
ENCORE Tue. 8:40 am, Sat. 10:00 am

The Hangover (HD)
HBO At. 10:30 pm

The Hunt for Red October (HD)
CINEMAX Sun. 4:30 pm

Live Free or Die Hard (HD)
FX Sun. 8:00 pm, Mon. 4:00 pm

The Manchurian Candidate (’62) (HD)
CINEMAX Mon. 7:05 am

Minority Report © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Dreamworks LLC.Minority Report (HD)
CINEMAX Tue. 7:30 pm, Sat. 5:45 pm

O Brother, Where Art Thou (HD)
ABCF Mon. 7:30 pm, Sat. 4:30 pm

Planet of the Apes (HD)
AMC Thu. 2:32 am, Fri. 9:00 am

The Shining (HD)
AMC Sat. 4:30 pm

Superman Returns (HD)
AMC Tue. 4:30 pm

Tora! Tora! Tora! (HD)
CINEMAX Wed. 5:30 am

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