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Fox may pull plugs on Dish Oct. 1 – Updated

On Oct. 1, 2010 Fox Networks may pull the plug on several of its networks currently on Dish Network. FX, National Geographic Channel, and many FOX Regional Sports channels may be dropped if an agreement isn’t reached by the end of Sept. 30. This includes high-definition channels FX HD, NGC HD, and FOX Regional Sports Networks in HD.

Many Dish customers, including fans of the FX show “Sons of Anarchy” have commented on the FOX website pleading with Dish and FOX to reach a carriage agreement. One customer responded saying, “We no longer have a contract with Dishnetwork and will leave it if we lose FX.”

FOX says they have submitted numerous requests this year to Dish Network in order to reach an agreement. The news comes as no surprise (although the website is an interesting twist). These kinds of carriage disputes are becoming more commonplace, as content providers ask for higher programming fees.

In July this past summer both Dish Network and DirecTV faced obstacles in order to carry AMC HD which airs the popular show Mad Men (it was eventually added). And, in an ongoing dispute Dish had to drop four Disney HD channels in June after an agreement could not be made.

UPDATE: As of late Thursday evening the two parties were still working on a deal.

UPDATE: As of 8:15am ET Fox has apparently “blocked its access to 19 regional sports networks and other programing.” via Reuters.

UPDATE: Dish released a press statement which says, “Fox is demanding a new contract with an unprecedented rate increase of more than 50%.” The satellite TV provider said it will add several networks free-of-charge for customers during the dispute. Those channels include:  HD Net Movies, NBA TV, New England Sports Network, NFL Network, NHL Network, Big Ten Network, Comcast SportsNet California and other regional sports channels from Comcast and ESPN Classic.

READ: Phillip Swann’s article which blames the FCC for this problem, not Dish or Fox.

The shows threatened by the FOX Oct. 1 deadline include the following:

FX Key Programming Schedule
•    TUESDAYS 10p ET/PT – Sons of Anarchy
•    THURSDAYS 10p ET/PT – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
•    WEDNESDAYS 10p ET/PT – Terriers
•    THURSDAYS 10:3Op ET – The League

National Geographic Channel Key Programming Schedule
•    WEDNESDAYS 9PM ET/PT – Border Wars
•    THURSDAYS 8PM ET/PT – World’s Toughest Fixes
•    FRIDAYS 8PM ET/PT – Dog Whisperer
•    10/10 AT 8PM ET/PT – Inside the Lost Crystal Caves

FOX Regional Sports Network Key Programming Schedule
•    FOX Sports Arizona
•    FOX Sports Carolinas
•    FOX Sports Detroit
•    FOX Sports Florida
•    FOX Sports Houston
•    FOX Sports Indiana
•    FOX Sports Kansas City
•    FOX Sports Midwest
•    FOX Sports North
•    FOX Sports Ohio
•    FOX Sports Oklahoma
•    FOX Sports Southwest
•    FOX Sports South
•    FOX Sports Tennessee
•    FOX Sports West
•    FOX Sports Wisconsin
•    Prime Ticket
•    SportSouth
•    Sun Sports

Jeff Chabot
Jeff Chabot
Jeff has a background in photography, video and television production. He writes about technology, broadcasting, home theater, and digital entertainment.


  1. I already switched providers today to U verse. Dish is a joke. Taking away the Fox sports channels???!!! Are you kidding. They take away programming I originally paid for and signed up for their service for and are charging a $112 cancellation fee!!! Are they kidding? That is not getting what you signed up for! I know a lawsuit will be filed against this joke of a company who won’t be around much longer anyways. Everybody I know that has that crap has already cancelled and will tell everyone what a joke of a company they are. Bye Dish. See ya in court with thousands of others you piles of garbage.

  2. I just left DIRECT-TV 4 months to get DISH if you guy’s do fix this mess DISH will loose lot’s of viewer. I am one of them planning to swicth back Direct- TV, or another cable company . ” FOX ” you pick a fine time to pull the plug now you guy’s knew ” NBA” SPORT is getting ready to started up. ” FOX ” I think that’s really low of you . I was a big fan of FOX TIME OHIO station. ” FOX” I WILL SAY THIS TO YOU FOX OHIO, [ GAME RECOGNIZE GAME ]

  3. Really wanted to watch a two local college football teams play for the first time tomorrow night, BUT we no longer have FSN! This sucks bad. What am I going to have to do to get to watch my sports? Get local cable in one room, direct tv in another room, and keep dish in another? Dang. The main reason why I went to dish was because it offered sport channels my local cable didn’t offer.

  4. This is just ridiculous. Fox, FX and Fox Sports are the most fave channels in our house. In fact, we upgraded to the higher package so we could have FX. Of course I am under contract for another 22 months because I just subscribed to HD. Way to go DISH! Now I have to suffer. I dont think it is right that I have to be stuck in this contract when you aren’t providing the channels I originally signed up for. Wake up Dish! I will pay the cancellation fee if I have to. I am not missing House or The Simpsons! I am already missing KU vs. KSTATE this Thursday! Boo DISH!!!!!

  5. I agree with many, and I too am not in contract with DISH. My sole purpose for keeping Dish was for the Fox Sports Midwest. Got to have my Cards games…… So I will be joining the bandwagon and move on to Directv !!!

  6. Why do I get the feeling most of the “my brother/husband/son/daughter/next-door neighbor/gerbil/goldfish/fictional character won’t stay with Dish” posts were written by the same person? Just sayin’.

    I have DirecTV, but frankly, it’s not the FCC’s fault. It’s the fault of whoever pulls the plug while negotiations are ongoing. In this case, it’s Fox, whose claims are disingenuous and whose ego-stroking website adds fuel to the fire. Dish has a website as well. Doesn’t matter: FOX pulled the plug while they’re supposed to be talking. The FCC doesn’t want to act, which stinks but that doesn’t matter, since the FCC is at the will of the party that controls Congress. Get the legislation passed that prevents companies from victimizing the customers caught in the middle of a fee dispute, and this doesn’t happen.

    Until then, Fox pulled the plug, so Fox is to blame, period.

  7. I applaud DISH for taking a stance against the insatiable appetite of FOX. At one time or another, I have subscribed to all three of the providers available in our area: Charter cable, DirecTV and DISH. By far, DISH provides the best programming AND is also the most affordable. That’s why I stay with DISH.

    After reviewing my channel guide, I found I’ll be losing exactly ZERO channels. Fox does not provide any programming that I care to watch. It would not effect me at all if ALL of the Fox channels were PERMANENTLY removed from the DISH network. Allow viewers to subscribe to Fox ‘a la carte’ if they wish.

  8. I,am about ready to switch,Dish keeps taking away channels that a lot of folks watch.But leave the same old movies on along with many junk channels,that no one watches. They could cut cost on the junk,so they could spend more for the better channels.

  9. I have been a Dish subscriber for a few years. The programming hasnt gotten any better so I watch FoxsportsOH most of the time. Would be too bad if you let this go, so will our rates go down?? or just have to switch carriers maybe Direct tv.

  10. If Dish Drops FX or other channels, I will go to Direct TV. I think its bad that a big corporation like Dish and Fox can’t agree. Hello Direct TV goodbye Dish.

  11. Without Cardinals baseball or Mizzou sports, I’m done.

    Break out one of those digital FREE TV scramblers. I won’t need Dish any longer.

  12. i will have the installers @ my house on saturday.. when i called to set everything up i was told they have FX and i would be able to watch my shows they phone rep..HE DID NOT MAKE MENTION OF THIS SITUTATION TO ME!! now thats not starting off on the right foot!… if this isn’t resolved by today @ midnight i WILL cancel my install and go BACK to direct TV!

  13. I have been a Dish customer for over 15 years. I will pull my plug on Dish if this happens.
    Hello, Direct TV goodbye Dish. I have no contract so it is very easy for me. Get your head
    out of your azz Dish or you will lose a bundle of customers.

  14. Me, my husband, my best friend, her husband, my son and his wife, my daughter and her husband, my best friend’s three son’s and their wives, and several of our friends all enjoy Sons of Anarchy. We waited and waited for the new season to start. Now it’s started, and three shows into it, we’re being told that we may lose this show due to DISH being stubborn.
    This show in particular wasn’t even supposed to be back on the air. People from all across the country voiced their opinion and the ‘powers that be’ saw fit for it to be brought back. Does DISH actually believe that people won’t change providers to get the shows that we are wanting and pay for monthly??!! DISH better wake up and smell the coffee in “Charming”. We WILL change providers before we lose our shows.

  15. To whom it may concern, Son’s of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows, as well as that of my wife, our best friends, our children and their spouses, and our best friend’s children and their spouses. We all watch this at our homes and sometimes at each others. It’s great family time! As much as we would hate to change providers, we will not lose one of the shows that we wait all week to view. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion, but it would have been nice to do from the website that won’t let you login. If you don’t want our opinions, then don’t ask for them, but be up front about the fact that as a company, you don’t value what your customers want.

  16. We just signed a 2 yr. contract with Dish…how do I get out of my contract if Dish does not provide these channels, Dish is not living up to their end of the contract.

  17. We have dish at our cabin and our home we will be canceling our servcie if we loose Fox Sport channel. I also have talked to many other people that plan on canceling if they loose these channels.

  18. We just signed up for Dish at both our homes and we will be canceling our contract if you loose Fox Sports Arizona as 50% of our time is watching Fox sports channel .

  19. I am a long time customer of dish. I recently signed up for another two years when offered lifetime HD. Was this a gimick to keep us as customers when our favorite channels are gone? If fox sports is discontinued I will cut back my programing to the minimum, and sign up with Direct TV. on the TV. that I use the most. I hope this will not be necessary!

  20. If all these shows are dropped we will be going with Directtv or back to Comcast. I hope these shows stay, if they don’t your gonna lose more than a few customers.

  21. I will cancel my DISH if this is not worked out. I watch several shows on FX, and also enjoy watching sports on my regional fox sports channel. This also means I will miss NFL football that is shown on FOX, and some of the World Series…ridiculous! This better be worked out, or you will lose a TON of customers. If an agreement is not reached, then this will be the beginning of the end for DISH.

  22. After being charged extra for HD with new customers not being charged, we already are disgruntled customers. If they cannot reach an agreement with Fox, i will discontinue services. I too am tired of paying for services that are slowly being dropped. I consider it a breach of contract if my channels do not stay as I order and paid for them!

  23. Hey, DISH, get this worked out, or I won’t be a customer for long. Get rid of some of
    those useless channels that NOBODY watches, and spend a little more for Fox and NGC.
    I’m sick and tired of all the junk channels that I pay for and never watch. That’s where
    you can trim the FAT.

  24. If We lose these shows then at the end of my contract I and my four sisters and families will subscribe to Direct TV! Dish is slowly taking away channels…I am not willing to stay and lose more…pay the same for less channels! I just hope Dish can reach a reasonable agreement!

  25. please work out a deal that is reasonable for both,,,its the loyal paying customers like myself who are at the bottom of this pile,,,greed is not good,,


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