AT&T fighting for MSG HD, MSG Plus HD

AT&T has re-filed it’s complaint against Madison Square Garden (MSG) and Cablevision over rights to high-definition (HD) feeds from the regional sports networks. AT&T contacted MSG about the feeds to MSG HD and MSG Plus HD after an FCC ruling said “denying access to terrestrial nets is presumptively unfair and deceptive, and treats HD nets as separate services from the standard-definion feed.”

Cablevision already supplies the standard-def feeds of the channels for AT&T’s U-verse service, but apparently the cable provider assumes the high-def and standard-def feeds as separate entities, therefore preventing AT&T from receiving the higher bandwidth feed.

This news comes via Multichannel’s article yesterday, which also mentions Verizon has filed a similar lawsuit against MSG/Cablevision for withholding of the HD feeds to the the MSG networks.



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