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Rumor: PSN+ To Bring Paid Subscription Model To PSN

Rumors have been stirring online recently that Sony’s readying a big announcement at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) for their PlayStation Network (PSN). The rumors are focused around a premium paid version of the PSN dubbed the PSN+. This would be a significant shift for Sony, who have used the free model of the PSN as a big draw for the console in their advertising against Microsoft.

PS3 gamers would still play multiplayer games for free, unlike Xbox Live, but there would be other incentives. Joystiq reports that a $9.99 monthly fee would give subscribers access to a rotating selection of PSOne Classic titles, cross-game chatting, a “PlayStation Protection Plan,” cloud-based game saves (something that is offered for free by Steam), and even downloads of specific full games.

If Sony were to do this, they’d need an effective marketing push and impressive sign-up bonus to convince gamers to open their wallets. E3 is just around the corner — we’ll find out soon enough.


  1. How about just adding some sweet upgrades. Like not having to use a disc to watch Netflix, googletv, attach a Skype app, and do something crazy like have a iphone/android app sync. Let’s mix it up sony. Free games is cool, never having to get up from the couch priceless.


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