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Sharp adds yellow to create first consumer quad pixel 3D LCD

Now on sale in Japan, Sharp has developed a quad pixel (also known as four-primary-color) 3D LCD HDTV which fixes those unwanted “ghost” images, adds brightness (apparently the industry’s highest) and adds depth to 3D images. The new 3D solution combines four types of LCD technology: V2A technology; four primary-color technology; FRED technology; and side-mount scanning LED backlight technology. Primarily, we are excited about the addition of “yellow” to the LCD pixels. Can’t wait to see one in the U.S.

(Read on for explanations of each combined technology.)

V2A technology (Ultraviolet-induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment)

FRED technology (Frame Rate Enhanced Driving; signal processing technology for LCDs for 3D TV.)

Four-Primary-Color technology (A multi-primary color technology that renders the three R (red), G (green), and B (blue) video input signals on an LCD having four color pixels in which yellow (Y) is added.)

Side-mount scanning LED backlight technology (Backlight technology that makes it possible to reduce crosstalk.)

Get more info on the Sharp announcements at: http://sharp-world.com/

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