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The week in HD, a wrap up

Highlights from HD news around the web.

Did Hulu rip its name off?
A Canadian company called Hulavision is suing Hulu and NBC Universal on the grounds that its business model and name were stolen. The Canadian company claims it had confidential meetings about Hulavision which NBC Universal was to keep confidential. Read Story

Walmart will carry 3D HDTVs
The few Walmarts I’ve been in have such a limited amount of Blu-ray Discs that I can’t imagine they would have much success moving 3D HDTVs off the shelves. But, according to sources select Walmart stores will begin carrying 3D high-def displays this year. Read Story

Get your Wii games looking like hi-def
Nintendo execs are not making any promises to release a Wii HD model quite yet, but a company named VGIDI has developed upscaling processing for your Wii that they say will get games looking like HD. Read Story

First live sports broadcast in 3D
Madison Square Garden hosted what was the first live broadcast 3D sports event in the U.S.. The NHL hockey game between the New York Rangers and New York Islanders was viewable only by Cablevision subscribers in the Tri-state area with a 3D HDTV as well as about 2,500 fans who attended a viewing party at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Read Story

Dish expands HD capacity with new satellite
Dish Network successfully launched new satellite EchoStar XIV to put more HD channels in its lineup. Dish may offer the most HD channels at this point (over 160) although competitor DirecTV would probably argue that point. Read Story

Glitch in ‘God of War III’ maxes out all weapons
A glitch found in the recently released God of War III allows you to start up a new game with all weapons acquired and maxed out. It even gives you weapons that show up later in the game like the Nemean Cestus. Trophies are still in-tact though even with the hack. Read Story

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