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Xbox 360 to gain USB memory support

Microsoft has just announced that, starting on April 6th, Xbox 360 owners will be able to use USB memory sticks in conjunction with their consoles.

According to Microsoft, the April 6th update will allow users to store up to 16GB of anything and everything available for the Xbox 360. That means Downloadable Games, Game Saves, Movies, Trailers, the works. Xbox Live spokesman Major Nelson says that Microsoft has been testing the compatibility for some time now and everything seems to be going smoothly.

While the update will only allow interface with up to 16GB of flash memory, Microsoft was quick to point out that owners will be able to use two sticks at the same time — effectively adding 32GB of storage to their existing internal memory.

This is a big step for Microsoft, who seldom allows 3rd party products to interact with their system. Microsoft is currently working out a deal with SanDisk to release an extremely overpriced Xbox 360 branded memory stick.



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