Bright House launches 14 HD channels in Central Florida

Bright House Networks has launched 14 additional high-definition channels, as well as 6 new digital channels in Central Florida. The company says it hopes to reach 100 HD channels by the end of the year.

New free HD channels include: AMC HD (Ch. 1358), Biography HD (Ch. 1347), CBS College Sports HD (Ch. 1016), ESPN News HD (Ch. 1328), FOX News HD (Ch. 1323), Palladia HD (Ch. 1373), WGN HD (Ch. 1015).

Premium movie channels in HD include: Cinemax HD (Ch. 1251), Starz HD, (Ch.1288), The Movie Channel (Ch. 1271).

New Sports Pack channels include: FOX College Sports Atlantic (Ch. 185), FOX College Sports Central (Ch. 186), FOX College Sports Pacific (Ch. 187), Big Ten Network HD (Ch. 1002).

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2 Replies to “Bright House launches 14 HD channels in Central Florida”

  1. george says:

    awesome. you think they will make it to 100? im actually liking them more now. i wish the sports channels were free though

  2. Pop says:

    It’s actually 15 HD channels and 5 digital channels.

    Brighthouse has 64 HD channels now. 36 left.

    3 months and 24 days left and counting, brighthouse.

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