Dish and DirecTV win in Kentucky

Satellite TV providers Dish Network and DirecTV are no doubt excited about a recent Supreme Court Ruling. The decision overruled a Kentucky law allowing local governments to tax satellite TV.

A joint statement from the satellite companies released on Friday said, “DIRECTV and DISH Network applaud the Kentucky Supreme Court’s unanimous decision today to strike down the Kentucky law allowing local governments to tax satellite TV.

“The decision is a resounding affirmation of federal law that was designed to promote competition by preventing local governments from imposing unfair taxes on satellite TV service. In addition to promoting competition, Congress imposed the prohibition because it believed it was inappropriate to impose burdensome taxes on national TV services that beam their signals directly to homes from satellites and, unlike cable TV services, do not use or impact public property.

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One Reply to “Dish and DirecTV win in Kentucky”

  1. JasonB says:

    so does this mean other states will have to oppose the taxes? what other states tax satellite TV?

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