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‘Serious Sam HD’ announced for Xbox 360

Majesco Entertainment will bring Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD to Xbox LIVE for the Xbox 360 late this summer. A collaboration between Croteam (creators of Serious Sam) and Devolver Digital, Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD was built using a new version of the CroTech engine and this time rendered in High-Definition.

“Xbox LIVE Arcade is an important platform in our overall strategic plan,” said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations for Majesco. “Serious Sam has a long history of console success and this graphically enhanced version is a great first title to kick off our Xbox Live Arcade initiative.”

Serious Sam is a first person shooter (FPS) originally released for the PC market in 2001. Other versions were eventually created for Xbox, Nintendo, and PS2 platforms. Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD will bring back the original series on an evolved engine and will allow 4-player online co-op.


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