Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series available for download

“Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series” is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, Xbox Live and the Sony PlayStation Network. The series uses real time computer animation from the “Terminator Salvation” videogame as a platform for the original story written by Andy Shapiro.

Directed by Tor Helmstein, the six-part series follows “Blair Williams” (voiced by Moon Bloodgood) that reveals the origins of her involvement with John Connor and the resistance two and a half years before the movie begins.

“Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series” was created by The Halcyon Company and Warner Premiere and is the first long form dramatic Machinima series produced by a major studio.

The cost for each episode is 2.99 for HD and $1.99 for SD (where available). Season passes are also available to receive weekly episodes for $14.99 in HD or $9.99 in SD (where available).

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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