Dish Network reaches 140 HD channels

DISH has raised the bar by offering another 5 HD (High Definition) channels nationwide bringing its total HD offerings to 140. FX, SPEED, Fashion TV (FTV), Logo and MavTV were all added in HD yesterday, as well as an announcement to add MSNBC HD in June. The N network has also been added in a 24-hour slot (presumably in standard-def) on Channel 181.

X HD and SPEED HD can be tuned in if you have Dish Network’s Classic Silver 200 HD programming package and above. That plan starts at at $22.99 for the first six months. FTV HD, Logo and MavTV HD are available in PlatinumHD which is an add-on package available for an extra $10 a month.

Last month Dish added 7 HD channels to its lineup including CMT HD, COMEDY CENTRAL HD, MTV HD, Nickelodeon HD, Spike TV HD, VH1 HD and BET HD.

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2 Replies to “Dish Network reaches 140 HD channels”

  1. Dave says:

    Dish is still at 118 by my count. Perhaps they’re including their “alternate” sports channels which are only rarely active and never all at the same time. Regardless the true number it still blows Comcast out of the water.

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