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Comcast adding HD channels in Houston

Comcast will be adding a slew of new HD channels to its Houston market area on April 27, bringing the total number of high-definition choices in the area to 59. Recently launched baseball network MLB HD started of this month’s additions when it was added to the lineup yesterday. Comcast also added a bunch of HD channels yesterday to its New Jersey market areas.

Stations being added this month in Houston:

283 National Geographic HD
601 Speed Channel HD
622 Cartoon HD
629 Discovery HD
631 FX HD
632 ABC Family HD
638 Fox News Channel HD
640 Lifetime HD
641 Disney Channel HD
642 Animal Planet HD
643 Nickelodeon HD
644 E! HD
648 Spike HD
657 AMC HD
660 Sci Fi HD
662 Travel Channel HD
663 TLC HD
671 Lifetime Movies HD
672 Biography HD
677 Fox Business News HD
678 Discovery Science Channel HD
679 Planet Green HD
680 Hallmark Movie Channel HD
681 NHL HD
682 MLB HD (added April 1)
683 Style HD
696 Encore HD

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  1. Comcast Customers XFINITY is Launching to the Houston Market in August. With more 100 than HD Channels. No word on what day its going to be launched in August. But Please follow me on Twitter.com/HDTVCable to see what going to happen or 713-341-1000 or 1800COMCAST. And this time the people from Comcast know whats going is XFINITY & the HD Channels.

  2. Get Ready Houston because Comcast is going Digital for good before the year ends. You saw KLTJ Channel 20 and Cartoon Network channel 22 more channels are going Digital Soon! In Fact the Standard Cable will be Digital before the Year ends say good bye to standard Cable. People that have Comcast Digital Starters can now get 2 or more Digital Cable Boxes for free!. You May only have less then 90 Day! Get Ready Houston. Vist this site for more Inforamtion on the Digital Coming. http://www.comcast.com/digitalnow/FAQs.aspx?map=default_faq_map&#

  3. Comcast is going Digital in Houston Before the Year Ends and Comcast is going Digital for good. If You have Comcast Digital Starter you can get 2 Digital boxes for free!

  4. Comcast HD New Channel Lineup For September 15th
    Ch. 418 NFL Network HD
    Ch. 440 iND Team HD
    Ch. 456 iND Game HD
    Ch. 517 Encore HD
    Ch. 530 Starz Kids & Family HD
    Ch. 531 Starz Comedy HD
    Ch. 532 Starz HD
    Ch. 533 Starz Edge HD
    Ch. 543 HBO2 HD
    Ch. 544 HBO Signature HD
    Ch. 545 HBO Family HD
    Ch. 546 HBO Latino HD
    Ch. 547 HBO Comedy HD
    Ch. 548 HBO Zone HD
    Ch. 549 HBO HD
    Ch. 563 Cinemax HD
    Ch. 564 MoreMax HD
    Ch. 571 Showtime 2 HD
    Ch. 572 Showtime Showcase HD
    Ch. 573 Showtime Extreme HD
    Ch. 574 SHOWTIME HD®
    Ch. 588 TMC HD
    Ch. 589 TMC Xtra HD
    Ch. 619 CBUT HD
    Ch. 620 Speed HD
    Ch. 621 ESPNU HD
    Ch. 622 ESPNews HD
    Ch. 623 ESPN HD
    Ch. 624 ESPN2 HD
    Ch. 625 Golf HD
    Ch. 626 Versus HD
    Ch. 627 FSN HD
    Ch. 629 MLB NETWORK HD
    Ch. 630 NBA TV HD
    Ch. 631 NHL Network HD
    Ch. 632 Big Ten Network HD
    Ch. 633 CBS College Sports HD
    Ch 634 Tennis Channel HD
    Ch. 635 Outdoor Channel HD
    Ch. 649 WE HD
    Ch. 650 Style HD
    Ch. 651 E! HD
    Ch. 652 Bravo HD
    Ch. 653 Lifetime HD
    Ch. 654 Travel Channel HD
    Ch. 655 Fox News Channel HD
    Ch. 656 Fox Business HD
    Ch. 657 CNN HD
    Ch. 658 CNBC HD
    Ch. 659 Spike HD
    Ch. 660 Universal HD
    Ch. 661 MSNBC HD
    Ch. 662 TNT in HD
    Ch. 663 HD Theater
    Ch. 664 TBS in HD
    Ch. 665 FX HD
    Ch. 667 Animal Planet HD
    Ch. 668 Discovery Channel HD
    Ch. 669 TLC HD
    Ch. 670 A&E HD
    Ch. 671 History HD
    Ch. 672 USA HD
    Ch. 673 National Geographic Channel HD
    Ch. 674 HGTV HD
    Ch. 675 Food Network HD
    Ch. 676 Syfy HD
    Ch. 677 Disney Channel HD
    Ch. 678 ABC Family HD
    Ch. 679 Nickelodeon HD
    Ch. 680 Cartoon Network HD
    Ch. 681 Disney XD HD
    Ch. 685 Palladia HD
    Ch. 686 CMT HD
    Ch. 687 VH1 HD
    Ch. 688 MTV HD
    Ch. 689 BET HD
    Ch. 690 Fuse HD
    Ch. 691 TV One HD
    Ch. 692 QVC HD
    Ch. 693 G4 HD
    Ch. 694 BIO HD
    Ch. 695 Planet Green HD
    Ch. 696 Science Channel HD
    Ch. 697 AMC HD
    Ch. 698 LMN HD
    Ch. 699 IFC HD
    Ch. 700 MGM HD
    Ch. 701 TCM HD
    Ch. 703 Hallmark Movie Channel HD
    Ch. 704 Comedy Central HD
    Ch. 705 TRU TV HD
    Ch. 706 The Weather Channel HD
    Ch. 804 iN DEMAND Pay-Per-View Events HD

  5. Comcast is going to add 30 New HD Channels in September 2009 like MTV HD, VH1 HD, CMT HD, MSNBC HD, CNBC HD, BET HD. Comedy Central HD, and QVC HD and More HD Channels and Internet going to 15Mbps 30Mbps even 50Mbps this September.

  6. Comcast is going to add 30 New HD Channels in September 2009 like MTV HD, VH1 HD, CMT HD, MSNBC HD, CNBC HD, BET HD. Comedy Central HD, and QVC HD and More HD Channels

  7. I asked a rep at comcast in Houston about this 3 weeks ago and she was amazed how I knew that they were rolling out these channels 3 weeks before it was to happen (of course, she didn’t know until she asked her “supervisor”). I told her that I knew abou this because I have access to the internet. Instead of explaining to her what “the internet” was, I just hung up…

  8. Wow, I don’t know why, but I continue to be amazed at the idiot management over there at comcast. I’ve seen several articles like this but have yet to talk to a service rep who knows anything about these changes. I’ve tried at least two different chats and called on two or three occasions. All they can do is point to the current lineup.

    Come on comcrapstic! You would think you could give a little to your customers instead of all just to PR… Hold on, what am I thinking? You don’t care about the customer. Nevermind.


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