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Things you may have missed (in the wake of KILLZONE 2)

As we all know by now, KILLZONE 2 was released last week and has taken up much of the gaming press since (you can read our KILLZONE 2 review here). However, there were several other exciting announcements and releases, from the week of February 23, which you may have missed.

– Microsoft’s Xbox 360 out sold both the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii in Japan last month. This marks the first time in five months that it was able to do so. The Japanese market has always been tough for American developers, but due to Microsoft’s ability to capture exclusivity on much of the newest game releases, they were able to proudly take the lead.

– The much anticipated Warhawk space was finally released for PlayStation Home. The space allows players to meet with fellow Warhawk fans, plan strategies and launch games from PlayStation Home. Accompanying this release, the price of the full game was reduced to $19.99 (expansions were also reduced to $4.99 each).

Metal Gear Online announced a new expansion. The ‘Scene’ expansion will add new maps and game play to the original online experience as well as add Raiden and Vamp as playable characters.

There was no indication of a release date for the Metal Gear Online expansion. However, sources at Konami have indicated that it should see a North American release sometime in March.


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