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Dish Network drops Smithsonian HD, starts new promotion

Many Dish customers may be upset to realize the satellite network dropped Smithsonian HD in order to add Crime & Investigation Network in HD. This is according to an article from Multichannel News that describes the former Smithsonian channel as now just a blank screen.

If you tune into the channel, the blank screen appears with the text “Dish Network regrets that we no longer offer this channel,” and advises viewers to check out their website to find out more details. Apparently the Smithsonian logo was replaced with the CI (Crime & Investigation) logo. The channel was offered in its Platinum HD package which costs an additional $10 per month.

Dish Network also started a promotion today for new customers. Those who signup will enjoy a $9.99 mo. special offer for 6 months, which includes 50 HD channels and over 100 digital channels. The promotion also offers a free HD DVR upgrade, although you still have to pay $5.98 mo. for the standard DVR.

Jeff Chabot
Jeff Chabot
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  1. i think I’m going to drop Dish and wish more customer would care about quality TV instead the crap that is on pichon-Mesa

  2. Been a dish customer 4 months and had the 250 channels plus HD gold. I was watching HD than SD channels so I switched to TurboHD Gold mid February 09. At the beginning of Feb they launched FoxNews and FoxBusiness in HD and when I switched to HD the Fox HD channels were missing but Fox standard definition was available. I was told you cannot have FoxHD with the stand alone TurboHD gold. I wrote to Fox to find out if they have a contract agreement that prevents them from being carried on the HDturbo or is Dish screwing the customer. It’s Feb 21st and no word from Fox yet on what’s going on. After 4 months of using the Dish 612DVR for HD, it locks up and the screen freezes but sound continues or everything goes blank and your remote is non functional. I”m on my third DVR and still same problems which is frustrating especially when my other HD receiver w/o DVR works flawlessly. This happens a few times a week so I unplug the electric outlet and re-boot the receiver which takes 10 minutes to search for the satellites and download the guide. Now that I look back, cable may have had less choice but it was more reliable than dish who won’t give you a break on price with the DVR problems. My wife hates Dish since we switched and get upset trying to watch her soaps and the DVR receiver freezes up. I may get rid of it for a straight HD receiver and get the VCR out of the closet, at least that worked !!

  3. This, indicative of Ergen / Dish Network / EchoStar’s egregious behaviors, mentality… Anything of intellect value, i.e., Voom goes by the wayside. Replacing Smithsonian with CI dumbs viewer’s options. I enjoyed Smithsonian. I only remain with Dish as a Platinum HD only client, subbing additionally to HBO, MAX (1 cent per/yr) and Starz for <$50 per/mo (keep asking for retention values) while capturing DT/HD locals off-air. Dish, unquestionably the best value out there. I just don’t agree with their programming tactics and the havoc they wreak upon the industry and trade personnel. They caused the demise of domestic Voom service; 2 channels remain for International consumption only and Dish owns a piece of it, as well.

  4. That does it. I’m switching to DirectTV. I’m sick of DN dropping channel I care about (first the Big Ten Network, now Smithsonian), for dumbed down TV (Crime Network?? What’s next — People magazine TV?) See ya, Dish. And I’ll enjoy telling everyone I know how badly they treat their more intelligent customers.

  5. yeah, you probably won’t get the 6 months deal if you opt for no contract. I never renew my cell phone contract because I hate being locked in. I’d rather pay for my phone (than get a free one to signup) and enjoy the freedom.

  6. As a lawyer, I normally refer people to actually read their contract. Many times people are so frustrated they claim contractual abuse, without even reading the contract. The contract Dish Network gives you, much like other service providers isn’t intended to protect you. Dish Network’s contract firmly states that programming and pricing are subject to change without warning. I also visited the AT&T Uverse web site and their contract is the same way. If you want to protect yourself, the best option is to go with out contract. All providers have this option but they are usually more pricey than agreement options.

  7. Do not sign up with Dish, their removal of HD channels w/o warning/explanation is upsetting many many people. Don’t sign up and get trapped. Also Directv is also SOB.

    Too bad, it is becoming standard practice to abuse the contract crap! I am signing up for Uverse when it is available in March!


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