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Vudu surpasses all HD VOD offerings

Vudu’s HD VOD library has reached 1,100 titles, surpassing any other cable or satellite’s HD VOD offerings. (Comcast now offers just over 1000.) The company added approximately 150 high-definition titles per week in October and began offering 65 titles in 1080p, the highest resolution currently available.

The Vudu set-box sells for $299, and requires 4-mbps broadband internet connection for instant playback of high-definition content. Movies from the Vudu library are available from .99 to $3.99. Or, you can download-to-own from $9.99 to $19.99. A more expensive model, the VUDU XL, sells for $999 and is designed for use in high-end home theaters.

The entire Vudu library consists of close to 10,000 standard-definition films as well as the 1,100 high-definition films. Vudu hopes this large addition of hi-def films will invite more hi-def enthusiasts to try their product. Currently, Vudu is far beyond Apple TV sales, but the product does have a buzz happening.


  1. Yes, even older movies will benefit from 1080p playback (35mm can hold actually hold 4096 lines of vertical resolution). And after trying all the disc and download options, Vudu is now my main source for all 1080p content right now. It’s that good!

  2. I think the “Blu-ray” 1080p experience is overated for most older movies. Do you really need to see movies from the 70’s and 80’s in 1080p? It’s the newer sci-fi films that really matter in 1080p.

  3. Considering that Hollywood has barely over 1000 Blu-ray HD titles, VUDU has very few customers, and most of their $40 Millions USD in funding is gone. Either VUDU is leading us down the garden path or the titles are CRAP!!! Also VUDU does not offer a true blu-ray HD experience in 1080p. Unlike this service that I found recently called MyTVPAL ( http://www.mytvpal.com ). They provide Thousands of movies and Hundreds of live tv channels from all over the world!!! Also how stable can day to day business be at VUDU if Mark Jung, the CEO just got the boot! Man the VC’s will take over this company and then what will happen…..

    Comment Guy


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