Beware of DirecTV and DISH scam

New York State Police are warning the public about a vendor’s scam to sign-up unsuspecting customers for DirecTV and Dish Network service. Scam victims across Western New York were sent bills for satellite television service they never ordered.

The Post-Journal (Jamestown, New York), reports that from August 2005 through 2007 a DirecTV and Dish Network subcontractor obtained social security numbers and then used them to sign up for the services. Victims were sent bills from the companies, and in some cases the bills were under someone else’s name.

DirecTV and Dish Network have stopped using the vendor but no word on what actions have been taken. Police believe there may be more victims of the scam that have not noticed the bills or have not yet come forward.

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One Reply to “Beware of DirecTV and DISH scam”

  1. Robert D. "Doc" Livingston says:

    Why would you print a story like this, without giving the name of the Company that was Scamming the public?

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