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U-verse launched in Wichita, KA – gives residents choice in HD services

Folks in Wichita, KA will now have another choice for High-Definition (HD) television, as well as voice and internet services. AT&T launched its U-verse in the area, giving customers at least 45 HD channels to choose from, and a combo package combining television, internet and voice service.

U-verse is an IPTV (Internet-Protocol) based service which competes with cable and satellite providers. The AT&T service gives customers HD channels and HD equipment for an additional $10 per month, with an option to upgrade to an HD DVR (digital-cable-recorder) for an extra $5 per month.

The company’s DVR service allows remote scheduling via Yahoo Web or AT&T Mobile Remote Access. Customers can record two high-definition plans or five standard-definition plans at the same time. AT&T U-verse supports both 720p and 1080i high-definition video formats.

“With the launch of AT&T U-verse TV, Wichita customers are finally getting a better choice to break free from cable,” said Kristopher Ryan, AT&T general manager for Kansas and Missouri.

Recently AT&T announced it would spend approximately $400 million to upgrade its networks in order to provide the fiber-optic based U-verse service across the state of Alabama. The upgrade is expected to happen over several years.


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