Comcast adds 7 channels in NH & MA

Comcast announced yesterday it launched seven new HD (High-Definition) channels in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The new channels are Disney HD, ABC Family HD, TLC HD, AMC HD, Science Channel HD, The Movie Channel HD and Showtime 2 HD.

The cable television provider says it currently delivers “more than 500 HD choices at any time,” and will be expanding to 1,000 HD choices by the end of the year. By the end of next year, Comcast plans to offer up to 3,000 HD movies on-demand.

New Comcast HD channel numbers are as follows:

Disney HD (824)
ABC Family HD (826)
TLC HD (867)
AMC HD (859)
Science Channel HD (866)
The Movie Channel HD (883)
Showtime 2 HD (878)

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