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Xbox LIVE endangers children

xbox liveTwo kids were subjected to nude pictures while they played Xbox LIVE, said a report yesterday from WLNS Channel 6 in Lansing, Michigan. The mother of the kids immediately grabbed the Xbox controllers from them, and called Xbox. The company, owned  by Microsoft, said there was nothing they could do about it.

Xbox LIVE incorporates many player-to-player communication methods such as two-way video and voice chat and instant messaging.The Xbox gaming console in particular has become a haven for sexual predators because of these features. State police in Michigan said “this disturbing crime should be a wake up call for parents.”

The mother of the kids has now banned them from using Xbox LIVE. She is expected to cancel the service for fears of further attacks. The online gaming service, unlike competitor Playstation Network, charges a fee to use the service. The question then is how can Microsoft safeguard its paying users against such crimes?


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