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NEC announces 52-inch pro-grade LCD

nec logoToday NEC Display Solutions announced an ultra-thin bezel, 52″ LCD professional-grade panel. The LCD5220 MultiSync is designed for a variety of digital signage applications, so you may see this panel showing up in your local classrooms, offices or Old Navy.

The LCD5220 was built to be more visible in sunny environments, and is capable of 1080p resolution, as well as supporting lesser resolutions. The ultra-thin panel is only 19mm (0.7 inches) thick.

“The new 52-inch display is a top performer and should be considered anywhere high brightness and crystal-clear details are required,” said Clinton Wilhight, Senior Product Manager for NEC. “NEC is raising the bar in the digital signage industry. Its professional-grade LCD panel and components are industry hallmarks.”

Available in April of 2008, the MSRP is $8,149.99 and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


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