Samsung confirms acquisition of Boxee


Samsung has confirmed the acquisition of Boxee this afternoon, raising eyebrows and questions about what the South Korean-based electronics giant will do with the smaller hardware/software startup company. Both Engadget and TechCrunch broke the news this…

Boxee TV: A New Device for Cord Cutters

Boxee logo

Boxee, Inc. made a major announcement regarding their new focus: television. More to the point, unlimited recording of basic TV channels via a new Boxee TV set-top device.

Boxee Live TV USB tuner to ship Jan. 2012


Boxee has starting taking pre-orders a USB dongle that’ll allow you to watch live TV over-the-air. The USB-connecting device looks like other DTV tuners such as the Pinnacle PCTV and the Elgato Eye TV, with a male USB connector on one side and female coaxial cable connector for your antenna on the other.

Boxee Box to support live TV over-the-air


Boxee Box’s upcoming 1.5 software update will apparently support live TV tuning via a special USB dongle. The dongle will capture over-the-air local broadcasts from networks such as NBC and FOX, allowing you to watch digital…

Boxee launches free app for iPad, adds two features


Your favorite social TV software Boxee has launched an app for Apple’s iPad. And, along with iPad support added two new features for iPad users. The first is the ability to watch videos living on your PC on your iPad via WiFi connection.

New Boxee update rolls out VUDU flicks


A new firmware update for the Boxee Box brings VUDU flicks to your screen for $5.99 a pop in 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround. VUDU is offering Boxee Box owners a free credit of…

Wrapping up the week in HD


In case you missed any HD news last week, here’s a wrap up of the more significant stories we came across. Of most significance, FOX finally made some deals with Dish Network and Cablevision to get…

VUDU will stream in HD on Boxee Box


In November, VUDU content will stream on the Boxee platform for both Mac and PC users, as well as the Boxee Box by D-Link. VUDU’s movie titles can be rented for $2 for two nights, and…

Boxee Box now available for pre-order


D-Link’s Boxee Box has now become available for pre-order in the US through Amazon and in Canada through BestBuy and Future Shop. Team Boxee says those who pre-order Boxee Box through Amazon in the US will…

Boxee starts movie library


Boxee has started its movie library by adding thousands of films from partners EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, Openfilm and MUBI. Independent, cult, art, documentary and short films make up the new content which is available worldwide….

TV Everywhere Leaves VOD Nowhere


With Comcast and Time-Warner now moving forward with video paywalls, are the cable companies doing what Hollywood and the music industry couldn’t do? Profit from the Internet… by forcing viewers to keep their cable subscriptions? That reality is coming sooner than you think.

Boxee, Apple and Flash, Oh My!


The list of streaming media companies wishing to hop on the iPhone/iPad bandwagon is growing, and you can add Boxee to the list. Much like Netflix, Hulu and other online streaming companies, Boxee also faces the vexing question of what to do about Adobe Flash.

Boxee beta back on hacked AppleTVs


There was disappointment in December ’09 when the released Boxee beta application dropped support for AppleTV. But, support is now back and already hacked AppleTVs with the old Boxee app just have to run the Boxee…

Boxee following suit on paid content


The big news this week comes in the form of announcements from online services to require subscriptions or fees for certain content. YouTube and Hulu have been part of the talk, although Hulu’s fees are still…