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Universal Offers Free Digital Movie with ‘Jurassic World’ Blu-ray

Universal Studios' release of Jurassic World to Blu-ray Disc combo editions includes a nice little surprise on the insert. Not only does it provide a code to...

Michael Jackson documentary to release on Blu-ray & DVD

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon on Blu-ray and DVD. The documentary style film with a run time of 157 minutes will feature interviews with family and friends of Michael Jackson, unpublished family photos, r

‘The Office’ Season Seven announced for Blu-ray/DVD

Season Seven of "The Office" has been announced for Blu-ray and DVD release. All 24 episodes of the season are included as well as...

The Bionic Woman Season Two will release on DVD only

Universal Studios has announced it will release "The Bionic Woman Season Two" on DVD, but not Blu-ray! The 24-episode 5-disc DVD box set will...

Skyline on Blu-ray/DVD announced from Universal

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced it will release 2010's "Skyline" on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and as a digital download. Extras on the Blu-ray...

Les Miserables to get US Blu-ray release

From Universal Studios Les Miserables will celebrate 25 years with a release on hi-def Blu-ray Disc next month. The disc contains 2 hours and...