Universal Offers Free Digital Movie with ‘Jurassic World’ Blu-ray

universal-studios-free-digital-moviesUniversal Studios’ release of Jurassic World to Blu-ray Disc combo editions includes a nice little surprise on the insert. Not only does it provide a code to redeem a Digital HD copy of Jurassic World via iTunes or UltraViolet, it also offers a free digital movie using the same code.

There aren’t many movies to choose from; five in total. But the selections are provided in HD resolution.

The five titles currently offered include Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome ‘Unrated’, Cinderella Man, Jet Li’s Fearless, Robin Hood, and The Hulk (2003). We’re not sure if Universal will opt to change or add titles to the options, but those are what are available now.

If you’re trying to decide which movie to choose on accolades alone, Cinderella Man is the most celebrated with 3 Oscar nominations including Best Supporting Actor – Paul Giamatti.

To get one of the titles free, you’ll need to go to www.upheoffer.com/jurassicworld, enter your email address, name, age, and sex (M/F). Then choose the title and resolution (SD/HD) you want.

The free movie offer doesn’t last as long as the Digital HD copy, however. As stated in the small print, you’ll need to redeem it by January 19, 2016.

By the way, the Digital HD copy is redeemable through several partners, including UniversalDigitalCopy.com, Vudu.com, and others.

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9 Replies to “Universal Offers Free Digital Movie with ‘Jurassic World’ Blu-ray”

  1. Toby John says:

    I want to leave a non-sense comment too.

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve tried to download this movie, I just bought & it’s saying the code exited in 2016. This isn’t fair as I just bought this! Can I get a different code? Also what website / app can I use to download the movie?

  3. gurjinder singh says:

    hi i got a gift this movie jurrasic world how can i get strat this one?

  4. Ryan says:

    UniversalDigitalCopy.com doesnt look like it ever existed. I can buy the website if id like, it would be profitable with all the hits it has received!

    This digital copy redeeming is a joke! I can say all my old codes work!!! Some have been expired since 2012! Just now catching up …for the holiday …so i may isolate myself:)

  5. Gary Young says:

    put my code in & selected a movie & nothing happened. No instructions. What gives?

  6. James Crockett says:

    don’t know what a “captcha” code is!!!!

  7. James Crockett says:

    love the movie. I own all the others too.

  8. fernando gonzalez says:

    The best movie… You should it…

  9. Put code in several times and said its NOT valid, can’t be. check out please.

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