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Is Westworld in 4K?

Westworld Season 4 still 6
Westworld: Season 4 starring Ed Harris

Can episodes of Westworld be watched in 4k on HBO? Unfortunately not. Westworld on HBO and HBO Max has never played or streamed in 4K resolution. The highest resolution you can watch the show is in HD with Dolby 5.1 channel audio. 

To be more specific, Westworld on HBO through cable and satellite TV is broadcast in 1080i “interlaced” HD, which is lower quality than the best “HD” resolution specified as 1080p “progressive” HD.

HBO Max can stream in 1080p as long as the bandwidth allows and the device is set to stream at the best resolution. Check the settings on your streaming media player, tablet, or phone to ensure the highest quality video (if you want it).

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