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Netflix Adds Playback Speed Options To Browser Viewing

netflix-lucifer-playback-speedNetflix has added a playback speed option when streaming on web browsers. Now you watch shows like Lucifer in slow motion (0.5x, 0.75x), normal (1x), or fast speed (1.25x, 1.5x).

Playback speeds can be useful for analyzing filmmaking techniques, especially animation where there is so much work put into each frame. Faster playback speeds are great for fast-forwarding content to get to where you left off, or, getting through an episode or movie quicker.

So far, we haven’t seen this option in the apps for Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku devices yet, or the Smart TV app for Samsung and Sony TVs. But, there is a possibility it may be added in upcoming software updates.

YouTube, of course, has had playback speed options for a while now. You can even view content frame-by-frame. We’ll have to see how far Netflix goes with speed variations in upcoming updates.

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