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New Apple TV 4k Release Date & Most Promising Features

Apple TV 4k 2021 Seri Remote soloApple announced features of the new Apple TV 4k at their keynote this week. This will be only the second model that supports 4k (if you remember, Apple TV was one of the last of the media players to support 4k, but launched with all the features you would need to play current video and audio specifications such as Dolby Visio, HDR10, and Dolby Atmos).

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The new Apple TV 4k boasts a A12 Bionic chip for more processing power. Not that the A10X was slow, but the A12 will certainly show improvements. And, the new chip helps Airplay from iPhones play 60fps Dolby Vision over AirPlay.

There is also a way to share audio with two sets of Airpods. Having audio pump to a set of headphones is really a convenient feature, especially when you want to listen to your TV discreetly. Now, that audio can be sent to a second pair of Bluetooth devies.

One of the more interesting features of the new Apple TV 4k is color calibration. The device works with your iPhone to “automatically calibrate what you watch.” So, by pointing the front-facing camera at your screen just one inch away the iPhone “Color Balance” app will help adjust TV color balance to what shows and movies are “supposed to look” while streaming from an Apple TV.

Color calibration devices have been around for years, but most consumers just leave their TVs to default color settings. It could be a game changer for the way we view digital media, if only the app would work with disc players as well?

Siri Remote

Then, there is the remote. Looking at Apple’s new Siri Remote control you’ll notice a circular button clickpad (that looks a lot like Fire TV’s remote) rather than the slippery trackpad that existed through so many models.

The circular gestures of the new Apple TV Siri Remote may remind you of early-generation iPods that also had a circular design. Apple refers to this new navigation button as the “Touch-enabled clickpad” and it can be used as a “jog wheel” to scan through video.

From the looks of it the new Apple TV 4k Siri Remote also looks thicker on its edge than the last remote design (we’re waiting on exact spec). And, the new remote is taller than the previous remote standing at 5.4″ high. For more details read Apple Made Some Great Design Changes on the Siri Remote.


The 2-generation Apple TV 4k will be available to pre-order starting April 30, and shipping the second half of May.


Apple TV 32GB priced $139 (32GB) and $199 (64GB).


See a spec comparison between the 1st and 2nd-generation Apple TV 4k.


Read a hands-on review of Apple TV 4k 2nd-gen Media Player.

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  1. This makes the Siri Remote even better, like any other remote, it is a must have power button. This new design is simpler and also more functional. This is good news for Apple TV fans like me


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