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The Newest 4k Shows & Movies on Netflix: April 2020

netflix-new-4k-mar-2020It’s hard to keep track of all the content Netflix pumps out every month. But what’s also a challenge is keeping up with all the new titles that stream in 4k. We’ve been keeping a list of the Netflix movies and shows in Ultra HD since day one and have noticed a substantial increase in higher quality over the last year or two.

Even better than 4k, many of the newer titles feature Dolby Vision HDR to expand the color depth and Dolby Atmos that builds on 7.1 channel audio to send sound effects overhead. Both video/audio specifications add another layer of home viewing enjoyment on supporting TVs and devices.

Hopefully, your ISP hasn’t capped your bandwidth to HD during the Covid-19 “stay at home” quarantines (that goes for Netflix as well). But if so, these are still some new titles that are worth checking out. Here are the newest 4k Ultra HD titles on Netflix.

The Newest 4k Shows & Movies on Netflix: April 2020

  • 100 Humans (Season 1) 4k 5.1
  • Altered Carbon (Season 2) 4k Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
  • Dirty Money (Season 2) 4k 5.1
  • Freud (Season 1) 4k 5.1
  • How to Fix a Drug Scandal (Limited Series) 4k 5.1
  • I Am Not Ok With This (Season 1) 4k Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
  • Kingdom (Season 2) 4k 5.1
  • Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak 4k 5.1
  • Restaurants on the Edge (Season 1) k 5.1
  • Self Made (Limited Series) 4k Dolby Atmos
  • The English Game (Season 1) 4k Dolby Vision 5.1
  • The Letter for the King (Season 1) 4k Dolby Vision 5.1
  • The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez (Limited Series) 4k Dolby Vision 5.1
  • Tiger King (Season 1) 4k Dolby Vision 5.1
  • Unorthodox (Limited Series) 4k 5.1
  • The Valhalla Murders (Season 1) 4k 5.1
  • Ugly Delicious (Season 2) 4k 5.1


  • Angry Birds 2 Movie 4k 5.1
  • Coffee & Kareem 4k Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
  • Lost Girls 4k Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
  • Terra 4k Dolby Vision 5.1
  • The Decline 4k Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
  • Uncorked 4k Dolby Vision 5.1

List of 4k/HDR/Atmos Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

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