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Digital 4k Movies (Thrillers) Under $10 on Apple TV

apple-tv-4k-deals-thrillers-jan-2020Apple’s digital movie library has a selection of suspenseful, thriller type movies on sale for under $10, and many of titles are available in 4k. Some films, like 10 Cloverfield Lane, Hereditary, and Midsommer also feature Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio. Check ’em out below.

Apple 4k Thrillers Under $10

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane $9.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos)
  • Chinatown $9.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby 5.1)
  • Gone Girl $7.99 (4k)
  • Hereditary $7.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos)
  • Midsommer $7.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos)
  • Moon $7.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby 5.1)
  • Shutter Island $9.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby 5.1)
  • The Girl on the Train $7.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby 5.1)
  • The Goldfinch $9.99 (4k/Dolby Vision/Dolby 5.1)

Not in 4k But Great Deals

  • Fight Club $7.99 (HD/Dolby 5.1)
  • Psycho (1960) $7.99 (HD/Dolby 5.1)
  • Secret Window $7.99 (HD/Dolby 5.1)
  • Seven $9.99 (HD/Dolby 5.1)
  • The Usual Suspects $6.99 (HD/Dolby 5.1)

List of 4k, HDR, & Dolby Atmos Movies on Apple TV

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