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Toy Story 4 Blu-ray Release Date, Details, & Exclusives

Target’s exclusive limited edition of Toy Story 4 on Ultra HD Blu-ray

Toy Story 4 is releasing to Blu-ray, 4k Blu-ray, & DVD on Tuesday, October 8. The movie stars Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Annie Potts in the fourth installment of the Disney/Pixar franchise that premiered in theaters last June. On disc, the film will be available in several editions and retailer exclusives. Here’s a look at the variations, details and what each edition is priced.


toy story 4 blu-rayDisney/Pixar is releasing a 3-disc “Multi-Screen Edition” of Toy Story 4 on Blu-ray with a DVD and Digital Copy. The Blu-ray Disc presents the movie in 1080p at 2.39:1 aspect ratio with English 7.1 DTS- HD Master Audio, Descriptive Audio, and English SDH. Price: $24.96 (List: $39.99) Buy on Amazon

4k Blu-ray

Toy Story 4 4k Blu-rayOn 4k Blu-ray, Toy Story 4 is packaged in the Ultimate Collector’s Edition with Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, extra bonus disc, and Digital Code to redeem with Movies Anywhere. On UHD BD the movie is presented in 3840×2160 resolution with HDR10 High Dynamic Range. The English audio is provided in Dolby Atmos with Descriptive Audio and SDH. Price: $29.96 (List: $44.99) Buy on Amazon

Best Buy SteelBook

toy-story-4-best-buy-steelbook-open-1280pxBest Buy has a limited edition SteelBook edition of Toy Story 4 that features unique artwork of Woody and the gang on the cover, back and inside of the aluminum case. The exclusive SteelBook is sold in the Ultra HD Blu-ray 3-disc edition only. Price: $34.99

Target Exclusive

toy-story-4-target-front-720pxTarget’s exclusive limited-edition of Toy Story 4 contains a collectible filmmaker gallery and storybook. The Only & Target exclusive comes in the 3-disc Ultra HD Blu-ray edition only with copies on Blu-ray and Digital UHD. Price: $34.99

Bonus Material

The bonus material varies by format but includes deleted scenes, “Bo Rebooted,” “Toy Stories” about cast/crew toys, “Woody & Buzz” lookback, “Toy Box” cast introductions, “Let’s Ride! with Ally Maki” voice recording lesson, and more.

Bonus Material Details

  • Deleted Scenes
    • Deleted Scenes: General Introduction
    • Deleted Scene: Scamming Playtime With Introduction
    • Deleted Scene: Bo Knows Hippos With Introduction
    • Deleted Scene: Desperate Toys With Introduction
    • Deleted Scene: Knock-Offs With Introduction
    • Deleted Scene: Recruit Duke With Introduction
    • Deleted Scene: She’s the One With Introduction
  • ANATOMY OF A SCENE: Playground
  • CARNIVAL PRIZES (Toolkit Montage)
  • LET’S RIDE with Ally Maki
    • TOY BOX: Ducky & Bunny
    • TOY BOX: Duke Caboom
    • TOY BOX: Forky
    • TOY BOX: Gabby Gabby & Her Gang
    • TOY BOX: Giggle McDimples
  • Trailers
    • Toy Story 4 Trailer / Booth – Global Teaser in Spanish
    • Toy Story 4 Trailer / Freedom – Global Trailer in Russian
    • Toy Story 4 Trailer / German Scary Trailer
    • Toy Story 4 Trailer / Pixar Pedigree – Exclusive for China
    • Toy Story 4 Trailer / Playtime – Global Trailer in English
  • Digital Exclusives
    • Anatomy of a Scene: Prologue
    • Deleted scene “Bonnie’s Playground”

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