Home Digital HD Spider-Man: Far from Home released to Digital. Here's where to buy.

Spider-Man: Far from Home released to Digital. Here’s where to buy.

spider-man-far-from-home-poster-16x9Spider-Man: Far from Home has been released to Digital SD, HD & UHD (4k). The digital formats predate the Blu-ray & 4k Blu-ray releases by two weeks, and some retailers include extra bonus material with the film. Here’s a look at the formats, price, and bonus materials available with Spider-Man: Far from Home.


The movie is available in three different digital formats: SD, HD and UHD. The availability of the SD version is not so typical for an early release, but nevertheless it’s available if for some reason you want to standard definition version of the movie rather than HD or UHD. But why not just get the best version? Remember, your device can be set to stream lower quality to reduce data usage.

In Digital UHD, Spider-Man: Far from Home is available with HDR (Dolby Vision or HDR10) and Dolby Atmos sound. Your Blu-ray player, media player, and/or TV must support 4k/HDR/Dolby Atmos in order to enjoy those technical specifications.


Spider-Man: Far from Home is being sold for either $19.99 (HD) or $24.99 (UHD) across the board. The SD version will be available starting August 13. Apple is the only one of the digital retailers listed here that does not have the Digital 4k UHD available upon release date.

  • Amazon Prime Video – $19.99 (SD/HD/UHD) + Bonus Material
  • Apple iTunes – $19.99 (SD/HD/4k) + iTunes Extras
  • FandangoNow – $19.99 (HD) $24.99 (UHD) + Bonus Material
  • Google Play – $19.99 (HD/UHD)
  • Microsoft Video – $19.99 (SD/HD/UHD)
  • Movies Anywhere (directs customers to most services listed here)
  • Vudu (Walmart) – $19.99 (SD/HD/UHD) + Bonus Material

Bonus Materials

There are plenty of extras for Spider-Man: Far from Home but not all digital services provide them with the purchase. Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, FandangoNow, and Vudu have been confirmed to include extras, but specific pieces of content may vary. Be sure to check before you buy if you want to get bonus material.

  • Peter’s To-Do List – A Short Film
  • Gag Reel & Outtakes
  • Deleted & Alternate Scene: Betty Blips
  • Deleted & Alternate Scene: Bus Rest Stop with Class
  • Deleted & Alternate Scene: Beck’s Green Juice
  • Deleted & Alternate Scene: Peter & MJ on Plane and May sees Glasses
  • Deleted & Alternate Scene: A Film by Flash Thompson’s Phone
  • Teachers’ Travel Tips
  • Stepping Up
  • Suit Up
  • Far, FAR, Far from Home
  • It Takes Two
  • Fury & Hill
  • The Ginter-Riva Effect
  • Thank You, Mrs. Parker
  • The Brothers Trust
  • The Jump Off
  • Now You See Me
  • Stealthy Easter Eggs
  • Hydro-Man Part 1 Select Scene Pre-Vis
  • Hydro-Man Part 2 Select Scene Pre-Vis
  • Molten Man Select Scene Pre-Vis
  • Final Battle Select Scene Pre-Vis
  • Spider-Man Through NYC Select Scene Pre-Vis

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